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Executive Team

The founders of Techno-Swiss have extensive experience in manufacturing high-end precision components as well as new product development. With over sixty years of combined experience in the industry, the Techno-Swiss team is well versed in full circle engineering and customer relationship.


Responsible for the overall direction of Techno-Swiss:

President/CEO/Business Development – Mr. Andre Calame


andre@techno-swiss.com Prior to founding Techno-Swiss, Mr. Calame made a successful thirty year career in roles from hands-on engineer to vice president of operations with Swiss-type precision component manufacturers. Andre is considered an expert in this specific manufacturing process and is recognized for his keen customer relations approach to business.


Vice President of Manufacturing/Operations/Materials Management – Mr. Mario Cervantes


mario@techno-swiss.com  With over twenty five years of experience with Swiss-type machines, lathes, grinders, laser micrometers, gauges, and every tool possible in the industry as well as programming the computer operated systems, Mario is key in managing the smooth operation of the Techno-Swiss business. His detail-oriented nature and calm demeanor serves him well in the manufacturing quality components.


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